Monday, May 02, 2005

[TV] Kindred spirit

Oh dear lord, such goodness. Tightrope Walker Girl is the first blog / LJ I've found dealing with stuff close to what I'm doing. She's a writer / show-runner, currently working on Smallville but also had stuff to do with Tru Calling and Angel.

Click here for Tru Calling spoilers (spoilers? They cancelled the series before it got to this point) about why it might have actually turned into a cool show.
Click here for an picture of the Angel S5 overview.

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Svend said...

Doris Egan! I have her Ivory series - she's good fun to read. Possibly my affection is coloured by the fact that one of her books is called "Two-Bit Heroes" - that's a total of four possible hero-states, ho ho. ;)