Tuesday, May 31, 2005

[RPG] Changeling via TSoY

We’re playing a Changeling game set in Wellington using The Shadow of Yesterday. This is our third session out of (probably) four – and it was the first that I felt really rocked.


1) We aggressively pursued and unraveled the central mystery of the situation. Remember the jawbone Maui used to fish out the North Island? Now some Sidhe of the Native Court want to use that jawbone to rip the North Island out of our reality and fully into the Fae one.
2) The players all started grokking the system and loving both the idea of simple conflict resolution and using non-standard abilities in combat (Sway, Dancing).
3) Our GM is very clever and at least twice I out-thought him to our group’s advantage.
4) I can see a way to use my character’s abilities in conjunction with the Bringing Down the Pain system (which has so far been unused) to really hammer the Big Bad of the setting into the ground.
5) All the players got several moments in the spotlight.

Plus it was fun. We didn’t really find a groove until this session – a lot of mucking around wondering what to do. But after an OOC conversation , I think it helped me find my place.

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