Sunday, October 09, 2005

[RPG] Feedback on All Growed Up

Blogger ate my post, last time I tried to write about this - but All Growed Up was judged 'unbaked but tasty' in the September Ronnies. The feedback thread is here.

Overall, I'm pretty happy. It's a game I whipped together pretty fast, I think it's got some tactical depth to it. What's lacking is a real 'why do we care' about the events that are happening in the game - but I think there's the framework of something really fun here.

Fun but dark.

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hix said...

Thanks to Mike S for reminding me to post about this. A couple of the feedback quotes I’m really pleased with:

Steve Hickey's All Growed Up is probably the strongest hate/alienation game regarding the suburbs among the entries.
-- Ron Edwards

The rules generally seem very elegant: they're both simple and engaging. It's a pleasure to find an RPG that, after one read through, I both understand and want to play.
-- Graham Walmsley