Friday, October 21, 2005

[TV] 24.4.whatever

**** (out of 5)

This ep resolved all the main plots 12 minutes into it. Jack rescued his girlfriend and the Secretary of Defence and then defeated the terrorists.

After the commercial break, the writers started introducing new tensions: Paul the jealous fiancĂ©, Audrey’s dad learning about Jack and then ordering his son to be tortured, Beruz – about to be executed on the orders of his father, and then the double whammy of a the meltdown device and a traitor within CTU. Old hat by now. Like, who hasn’t been a traitor inside CTU?

Anyway, with a double cliffhanger the show is very much back on form.

24.4.whatever the next
** ½

Not so much with the return to greatness but I’m looking forward to seeing more of Tony.

This is a weird show. In order to maintain suspense, there are radical changes in the basic situation and the cast between seasons. This creates a different viewing experience from most shows. We would never expect to care about a person who suddenly appeared between seasons and started a romantic relationship with Buffy. For most shows, we expect that sort of thing – and our attachment to the characters – to be earned. 24 assumes the viewers will play along.

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