Monday, October 10, 2005

[RPG] Jenni’s Mean Girls game

On the way back from a delicious sushi-lunch today, Jenni told me some of her ideas for her Kapcon game. The system sounds great – social combat and group politics at high school really hit the spot for me.

I can’t want to play it. I think, if it's even close to her pitch, it'll make a great sellable game too. More spoilerish observations in the comments …


hix said...

I think using the Dear Diary to assign niche (your particular role in the group) traits will work like a charm. And that those traits can transfer between people? Whoa.

I love the idea of trying to usurp someone else’s niche – and the horrific cascade of social combats that’d ensure if you were successful.

Some ideas you might want to think about:

If the Queen Bee is a role assigned to a player, having it swap (under certain cataclysmic conditions) seems like a good idea. You might want to read how The Farm handles the election of Leaders. You might also want to consider what incentives the QB can offer people to not dispose her.

If the Queen Bee is a role played by the GM, you should check out Puppetland – especially the way everyone has to speak in character.

Seems like a vital role the GM plays in this game is to through out Bangs that challenge people’s niches.

The idea of having Personal and Niche traits is cool. Have you considered assigning Traits to the CLIQUE, as well?

The Forge could be very helpful in developing this game, if you wanted. Especially you might want to look at this thread, about 3 questions you might want to answer when you’re designing it.

Jenni said...

Thanks for the positive reinforcement and the thread link! I'll try and get a bit more of it down onto "paper" and then I can run a playtest :)