Monday, July 27, 2009

Adjusting the blogging schedule again

For the last two months I've been running an experiment on this blog. Posting every couple of days has been fun, but I'm still feeling a bit of pressure. So, I've decided to change my schedule to one post every four days.

That gives me more space, and I expect I'll pop in the occasional blog post between those scheduled posts.(*) I'm also regularly updating the Links of Interest on the top right of the blog, usually every day, with stuff I think is worthy of your attention.

(*) I'm still writing these posts in advance, and auto-scheduling them to publish (this one was written on the 21st of June).

I'm still figuring out what to do with multi-dimensional; I reckon this schedule change will create the environment for me to be able to play around a bit and sort that out.

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