Saturday, July 11, 2009

Open Thread

What are you into at the moment?


Mashugenah said...

I am thinking a lot about group dynamics - how groups form, how they self-identify and self-regulate.

Since I have zero sociological or psychological training, this is all baseless speculation based on individual experiences.

My current theory is that the main difference between, say, Gamers and Jocks, is that Gamers are insular, and Jocks are evangelical-inclusive. I've noticed that I receive a lot more invitations to sport-related things than gaming-related things. Since I'm a constant in both situations, my acerbic demeanour is a common factor, so is not relevant: it's about the groups.

On topics that I actually know a little about... my time is focused a lot at the moment on proving how you know something, with reference to my impending attempt to become a registered professional.

Naturally I'm exploring how this idea relates to my main hobbies too.

hix said...

Nice. I look for hearing more about proving how you know something.

For me: my sudden obsession for watching and reading fictional accounts of the Israel/Palestine conflict is still present, but it's receded in intensity in the last week.

Danger Patrol has gripped and annoyed me in equal measure ... but to be fair, most of my annoyance has come from taking my second big-picture look at the Story Games forum, and its group dynamics.

At the moment, I think I'm into 'margin': the idea of creating empty space in your life, so you don't have to do anything. You can just sit back, relax and reflect on things. Taking things easy and slow - that's what I'm into right now.

hix said...

Oops ... that first sentence should've been:

"I look forward to hearing more about proving how you know something."

Helen Rickerby said...

At the moment I'm very into both having worth-while, honest, open, inspiring and exciting connections with people, and also hibernating. The two things do not match well.

I'm also into Anais Nin's non-fictional writings.

I like your margins idea. I've been thinking this week that that is what I don't have.

hix said...

@Helen: I shall bear your hiber-connective needs in mind at dinner tonight.

And now I'm using 'language' to convey the idea that I'd like to give you a hug.

Helen Rickerby said...

Can I trade in the language hug for an actual hug?

Sean_Molloy said...

I am working on The Gap, and in the process thinking about what makes a good life and a good relationship.

Masada (aka: Curtis) said...

Dang... you folks got a lot on your minds.

I am carefully measuring out the last few episodes of Battlestar Galactica. My wife and I missed getting in to the series until we moved last year. Thus we have not see most of the 4th season. We have carefully avoided spoilers so far!

I have been playing a lot of the Eve Online MMORPG. One of the oldest morgs out there starting in 2003 with a "sandbox" style. Eve is exciting to me as both a social experiement and a visually pleasing game. With virtually no game aspects driven by game content, the players make up their own soap opera of power and betrayal--even financial scandal.

A few weeks ago I encountered another odd morg phenomenon... I began to miss some of the scenery from World of Warcraft in the same way one might miss going to see a favourite beach or hill top. This made for a cheap mini-vacation to re-activate and just cruise around in the landscape.

hix said...

Curtis, I admire you being able to pace your watching of the episodes. In your shoes, I'm usually torn between devouring them as quickly as possible vs. trying to appreciate them ... and because I have poor impulse control, I usually end up going on 3 or 4 hour BSG benders.

Masada (aka: Curtis) said...

The big limiting factor is TV time after the kiddo goes to bed. He's not all that in to BSG yet (almost 10) and some of it feels a bit too graphic for him (IMO). So we can only watch from about 9-11 PM. Being "adults" now we can't stay up that late every night... thus the secret to BSG watching discipline.

I have been kicking around the notion of a BSG BBQ and Game some weekend. I have all the seasons on DVD so we could randomly pick a few fav episodes or perhaps Razor or the Pilot to watch again. Then a round of BSG boardgame. Burgers and sausaged grilled as required... If I ever really get motivated to host such an event I'll post it over on the NZRag site.