Saturday, July 18, 2009

Open Thread

What's the most fun you've had recently?


matt said...

Going to Te Papa and running around with the Moretto family.

Coming up with suggestions for edits to someone else's novel manuscript that involved minor insertion of details for large scale thematic payoff.

Building towers from large foam blocks and having my son smash them down at the library.

Taking 300 photos in 3 days.

Helen Rickerby said...

Oddly, I found myself quite apprehensive of this question. The ‘most’ fun … – it seemed like challenge, though I know you didn’t mean it that way. I felt I wanted to say something that was really cool, and kind of quirky, and not too explicit, and not too mundane. Something that encapsulated the person I am, or want to be.

I read this first yesterday night, and thought I’d perhaps reply today. Periodically through the day I wondered if this was the funnest thing. I did have a lot of fun today – I saw a very cool documentary – Lost in Wonderland – about Rob Moodie. I shook Rob Moodie’s hand, because I wanted to acknowledge his strength and bravery somehow, but didn’t have the words. I chatted with people after, I had lunch in the sun with my favourite person in the world and we had challenging, stretching and thrilling conversations. I had a lot of fun yesterday too. I did some creative work, we walked in the sun, we met Brian and then you. We coffeed, we lunched, we chatted. We walked home. Later, we helped Brian with his plans for hip hop stardom (his name will be Dollar, his album Fistful of Dollar, his singles: ‘Twice the Man You Are’; and others too offensive to repeat).

I have a lot of fun in my life. I’ve known people who say they don’t have enough fun in their lives, and I think it’s a tragedy. I don’t bungy jump, I don’t go out drinking and dancing, I’m not very fond of stand-up comedy. My fun tends to be in small things, in silly or meaningful conversations, in making things, in watching or reading things. I suppose that isn’t very exciting, but I guess it does encapsulate the person I am.

hix said...

@Matt: You sound like you have a well-balanced life, my friend.

@Helen: You take these assignments a touch more seriously than I, my dear. However, it does mean your answers continue to impress me.

What should I ask next weekend, that isn't so ... intense?

... oh, and my fun? I signed up to Twitter, and rewatched The Frighteners (the Director's Cut version of Jeffrey Comb's speech about his body being a roadmap of pain is a thing of beauty and almost worth of memorisation).

I also had fun doing some script editing for someone today.

Helen Rickerby said...

I know, it's true - well I took this one seriously at least. I can't help it. Ok, now for something more frivolous I'm off to stalk you on Twitter...

Jenni said...

Roleplaying the Buffy game I'm in has been massive amounts of fun. Also PTA when we manage it.

I had several awesome talks about writing last week, with you and Jon on Wednesday and with some new friends on Friday night.

Writing and getting stuff done.

Having a party and playing Rock Band.