Saturday, July 11, 2009

This is not a title

Language is a virus.

Words are the capsid that protects the virus and allows it to be delivered.

Speech and writing are the vectors of transmission. Books are hot zones.

Our minds are the hosts.

The symptom is a fundamental alteration of how we perceive and interact with the universe - expanding our abilities, constraining them ... or both.

Most people are carriers, sneezing emails or phatic communion.

Writers and orators spread the infection best. By making us think (or inspiring us) they cause the virus to replicate. Essays, short stories, novels and scripts may result as the infection changes us and uses us to spread itself.

It might even turn us into writers, shedding filthy infectious language.

Aphasiacs are immune.

I have no idea what a vaccination consists of. Meditation? Judging a poetry competition for teenagers?

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Helen Rickerby said...

Last year I judged a poetry competition for teenagers. It did not cure me. I do not want to be cured.