Saturday, September 24, 2005

24 4.4 & 4.5

4.4 (** ½ )

Well, that was ludicrous – Jack robbing a gas station? – but still tense, a weird mix that’s tilting towards implausibility.

Also, an evil character (Driscoll) was instantly sympathized by the reveal that she has a schizophrenic daughter – a little soap-opery but also creating a conflict between home & work (classic 24).

4.5 (** ½ )

The problem with this show is that it’s taught us to be suspicious of characters. Being suspicious of characters is not conducive to empathizing with their plight (I’m constantly looking for double levels to what they’re saying and also for evidence they’re traitors).

This ep was nothing special – but its cliffhanger set up a great start to next week: Jack has 10 minutes to rescue his girlfriend before the missiles hit the base.

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