Saturday, September 10, 2005

[TV] 24 4.3

*** (out of 5)

Still maintaining its OK-ness, with a great 24 moment centred around Jack & his sniper rifle.

Love: how the characterisations remain strong and consistent.
Like: how they’ve engineered Chloe so that she’s a source of conflict all the time (due to her personality disorder) but even so she’s fundamentally an ally. Chloe is a really useful dramatic tool (for providing exposition and ‘I will help you’ scenes).
Dislike: how the show’s starting to stretch my credulity even now. Jack holding up a gas station? My 3 star rating is extremely generous.
Hate: how, even though I tried to remain spoiler-free, I have a pretty clear idea of the main plot points in this season. Damn you, TV Gal and the Journal of Atomic Science!

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