Saturday, September 17, 2005

I want the new Fly My Pretties CD right now!

But it's not out till November 15th. And yet, the show I just went to was so awesome, for so many reasons, that hopefully I'll be able to have it play in my memory till then.

Reasons for awesomness:
My bro was playing bass in it and he's a rock star.
I got to make monkey noises during a surf-rocking singalong.
They played my favourites, like Champion & Let's Roll & Lucky.
They played new stuff.

New stuff like Night of the Owl and Miracles and King of You All and Clarity and, and, let's just say we'll be singing along to these tracks too. And let's also say that Hollie Smith is going to be a frickin' superstar. A gentle mix of Jo Randerson, Anika Moa, Patti Smith, Aretha Franklin and The Clash. Watch out for her stuff.

All the songs created those moments for me where I felt suspended in the music. The rational brain shuts off and I'm just lost in the moment, travelling out into uncharted territory. I love that shit. It's like magic.

It's also great to hear Kiwi accents just thrust out there, front and centre, with no apologies - and to realise these songs are telling stories not just about us, but about me, about where I'm at right now. I love that shit too.

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Jenni said...

So jealous. I want the album too. I wish I could've gone to the concert...