Thursday, September 29, 2005

My battle with floss continues

I'm really getting into flossing - with one of those tooth-brush holder things - and today I found out what happens if you floss over-vigourously.

All of a sudden I couldn't move the floss up and down. And when I looked in the mirror, the floss had lodged in the middle of my gum, you know: that pyramidy bit right in between 2 teeth? I tried everything - moving it left, moving it right. I couldn't figure out how to get the floss out. It was locked in there and causing me a lot of pain. So I decided to cut the floss with a pair of scissors.

Today I discovered it's easier than you'd think to find a pair of scissors when you're house-sitting in a place you don't know very well. Today I also discovered that cutting floss with scissors in the mirror is a lot harder than you'd think, because of a) leverage & b) the mirror inverting all of my movements, oh yeah & c) pain.

I'll keep you updated on any further floss-related developments.

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