Monday, September 12, 2005

[TV] Is Veronica losing it?


Putting Veronica in jeopardy is a good idea, but the episode quickly turns into dumb fun. Great Lyn Echolls curveball at the end, though.


Veronica Mars is the exemplar of teen alienation. Most of her school clients are experiencing different aspects of the same thing, so she can relate to them.

The show seems to be losing its class commentary - which saddens me – focusing more on the OC, glamourous & TV friendly upper-class lifestyles.

However, Lynne Echolls is now a means of drawing Logan & Veronica closer together, the Yolanda disappearance is a means of demonstrating why Logan & Veronica fell out - and the storyline with Yolanda’s parents combines upper & lower classes.

Still, I missed Weevil.

1.12 ***

1.13 ***

Soon, some speculations about where Veronica Mars is heading

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