Sunday, September 11, 2005

[TV] Veronica Mars 1.4 & 1.5

1.4 was probably my favourite episode yet (I missed it on the first run). Not too much on the ‘Who Killed Lily Kane?’ front but a nice twist in the little case and those geeky bad guys really freaked me out. The big news though is Logan-Veronica – there’s subtleties in their relationship (that they are bonded by a love of Lily) that I had totally overlooked.

The opening credits make me nervous. Each character gets a little hand-drawn symbol next to them. Wallace has a dead body’s chalk outline – is he going to die? The journalism teacher has a car with a license plate – now she hasn’t played such a big role in the show up till now; is she going to be revealed as a big part of the Lily Kane case?

1.5 reveals that Veronica was being watched. So, immediately there are 2 HUGE bits of information – 1) her mum left because Veronica was in danger, and 2) there’s a better detective than Veronica out there somewhere.

Also, my favourite bit of this show is that because Dad & Daughter are both awesome PIs, they can’t keep secrets from each other – they have to assume the other one already knows whatever they’re trying to keep hidden.

1.4 *****
1.5 ****

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