Wednesday, June 08, 2005

[The Limit] The end is in sight!

I’ve just been through 2 big rewrites and one cruisy action sequence. Now I’m into the final strand of Act 2 and working on a scene that (for the first time) requires a lot of thought about how much to mis-direct the audience.

What’s frustrating is that I’m so close to the end of the script. I’d like to just zoom through and finish this thing.

Of course, by ‘the end’ I mean the end of this draft. There’s more work beyond that. Like taking my new understanding of the characters and the plot - and feeding it back into the start of the script, refining the story. All I’m hoping is that the amount of intense thought I’ve been putting into the writing this time round is going to remove my standard errors from the script. Of course there will be mistakes – that’s what a first draft is :) - but I’d like to be dealing with a higher level of mistakes.

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