Tuesday, June 28, 2005

[The Limit] I Cheat!

So, yesterday I analysed the script - what I felt while reading it (highly instructive!), the questions it raised, and the negatives. Today, instead of continuing the process ... I'm going to cheat and pull together my 1 page summary sheet of the script. My logic is that I already know the positives, I'll brainstorm ideas while I'm redoing scenes and I'll be overviewing the structure in the process of writing the summary.

Hopefully I can save myself half a day and increase my safety buffer.*

Anyway, project management geek-out aside, the main plot concern is 'have I made the solution to the mystery too obvious?'. I think so - and I think it's an easy fix.

[*36 days to go. Safety buffer of 19.5 days.]

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