Friday, June 24, 2005

[Script] Next feature

On my days off, I'm brainstorming the next movie I want to write. Based on a short story by Sean Molloy, I've wanted to make this film since 1997 - and it's had various incarnations: horror, thriller, even romantic comedy.

Anyway, I think the central question of the script is "Will Gene and Becs save their marriage?" Just recently I realised that the main character has always been Gene, who wants to have an affair - and that I didn't like him. So my first recent breakthrough decision was to show the situation from both their sides. I think this provides a decent conflict for the central question and it also probably sets up Becs as the more sympathetic of the main characters

So now I know what the married couple want ... and I've come up with a few nasty surprises in the motivations of their circle of friends. The pieces I need to set up the film all seem to be there. Plus I have an idea about the midpoint I want to use to complicate the situation. And in the shower tonight I came up with a deeper, secret want for Gene that has me reeling with its potential.


Jenni said...

Have you seen "Private Lives of Dentists"? That's a really fantastic movie about an affair.

I *heart* Private Lives of Dentists. I wish they'd put it out on DVD...

hix said...

I have heard nothing of this movie. But it does have Campell Scott and Robin Tunney in it ... so they'd be people I'd like to watch having an affair.


Anyway, link: