Monday, June 06, 2005

[TV] F&G does drugs, gets dark.

Ken finally gets a sub-plot and it involves an equally sarcastic tuba-player. Neil finds out some truths about his cool dad – and the show reaches its darkest ever point. All of which is brushed over in the next episode when Bill nearly dies of a peanut allergy (also the show’s darkest point) and a heavy handed anti-dope message is saved by a bunch of heavy-handed anti-dope comedic setpieces.

Interesting reveals including a backstory for the school bully that ties him closer to the geeks, a change of romantic focus for Sam and growing evidence of class differences between Sam and Neil.

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Anonymous said...

I thought the F&G drugs and death episode was brilliant, and a high point of the series.

Randomly, saw the ep of Gilmore Girls on Sunday. Had forgotten how evil Emily could be! Egad!