Monday, June 27, 2005

[The Limit] First Read

Interesting. Lots of really good stuff in the script. Be interesting to hear what Andrew thinks about it. (BTW: His pages have elegantly solved a major problem.)

Overall: the plot's almost there and the heart of the script - what I feel while reading it - needs a lot of work. The rhythm of the script feels wrong. If the script were a pop song, there'd be too many repetitions of the chorus, the verse going on for too long and not hitting the notes you want to hear, and the mood being not quite right. All fixable stuff, but a bit of work to get it 'just so'.

I can see ways through the problems but they involve a moderate amount of work, ranging from simply shifting material around to writing completely new scenes. I may soon face the screenwriter's dilemma: "Get it done on time or get it done right?"

Started half a day later than I thought, so my safety is now down to 19.5 days. Now on to a 6 Hat Analysis for the next couple of days.

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