Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Spear Tackle = Iraq?

A little off-topic, but all the footage I've seen of O'Driscoll's injury in Saturday night's game clearly shows Tana Umaga and Kevin Mealamu tipping the guy over onto his face. Yet the MSM seems reluctant to discuss that directly.

"Tana Umaga's such a nice guy. He'd never do that."

"Perhaps someone took offense to the Lions' reaction to the haka. Except all the experts we've just interviewed say that wouldn't happen."

I think it's weird. Obviously the story is the anti-climactic nature of the first game in the series, but the more interesting story is an apparent cultural blindspot where we can't examine the potential misdeeds of our sporting heroes with any objectivity.

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Anonymous said...

I support more overt violence in rugby. It's not a knitting circle after all!

There's a movie in the film festival about a rugby variant played by paraplegics on basketball using armoured wheelchairs. It's called Murderball. We need something like that in normal rugby.