Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Dracula - updated in realtime

You may have seen this already: someone's blogging Dracula, publishing each diary entry on the day that it was written.


Jonathon Harker still hasn't reached Castle Dracula yet, so there's plenty of time to jump on board the experience.

(JP: My thoughts on 279 Days are coming I'm posting my thoughts on 279 Days tomorrow ...)


Anonymous said...

This is very cool, and some of the other books they are doing this way look interesting too.

As for 279 Days, I went to all the blogs he professes his love for and found that they are the type of blog I hate. Perhaps his advice is only relevant to this type of blog?

hix said...

I can't wait to see how it reads once they get to the ship's captain's log.

What types of blog do you hate?

Anonymous said...

Blogs that are like little day by day desk calanders where you rip off the top page and a new "inspirational" or "funny" quote is appended to the date. Obviously this is a taste thing, but they're not to my taste.

Mind you, I have listened to a few things he has to say. For example, figuring out what your blog is about and then telling people. So I spent a few days re-writing my about page. Also, I liked the idea of featured content. This is my next step.

Jenni said...

oh hey, I read a dracula in real time on lj a couple of years ago. Is good fun.

It was long enough ago that I want to read it again but I actually want to read it in my time so I have the book format ;)