Sunday, May 24, 2009

True Blood 1.9

And just like that, the show's awesome again.

This time, not because it changed up the situation; instead, the episode took its time exploring the subplots, and had some great character development.
  • Tara tries to confront her demon
  • Amy and Jason's relationship deepens and grows more touching, while gaining a whole crapload more karmic debt to pay back
  • Vampire Bill gets a subplot.
If I'm being entirely honest, this episode completely won me back inside of 10 seconds. A streaming jet of blood completely covering Anna Paquin has that effect on me.

I even like the cliffhanger - which was a situational cliff, rather than a jeopardy one.

Nice work all around. Probably my second favourite episode of the season, and a timely lesson in not being too judgmental.

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