Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Why I'm Not Writing today - Portable Edition

I'm jazzed by my new cheap cellphone - I can shoot two hours of footage on it, store the names of all the books I want to read from the library, record voice messages to myself, listen to mp3s and play games.

Currently, I'm getting the hang of Texas Hold 'em Poker. (Di: if you're reading this, I'm gunning for you now.)


Anonymous said...

How much time is wasted with time saving devices do you reckon?

Helen Rickerby said...

Two hours of video footage?? If so, that's crazy. Your phone does seem pretty amazing. I once tried to write a poem on mine, when I'd gone out without pen or paper - and ended up with a whole bunch of little memo files. Most annoying. Now I'm starting to feel slightly dissatisfied with my phone, and covetous of yours.

hix said...

I seem to be wasting between 5 minutes to an hour a day on my phone (probably 15 mins, on average). I don't think it was ever advertised to me as a time-saving device, though.

Helen: yeah, I'm impressed too. I found this really cheap 2GB memory card, and installing that seems to have really changed the equation on how awesome it is.