Thursday, May 28, 2009

Why I'm Not Writing today - Existential Dread edition

I've been watching the History Channel doco, "Life After People", which follows the planet Earth forward about 10,000 years to see what would happen if every single human were to disappear* right now.

* The doco continuously uses the metaphor of 'disappearance', as if we're all taken up in some raptural-like experience. Implicitly, though, it's asking "What happens if we all die?" ... and to its credit, it delicately steers away from explaining that this would give dogs that have been trapped inside a house an extra week or two of unrefridgerated food supply.

Things I've learned from it:
  • Dogs with short legs are screwed; pity them more than you normally would
  • Nuclear power plants won't melt down
  • Radiation can have long-term benefits for the environment
  • Flying squirrels are cool
  • Radio and TV broadcasts from Earth probably turn to gibberish after travelling about 2 light years.
A bit lame and OTT in places, extremely moving in others. It's broken down into 10 minute segments on this site. I recommend it.

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