Monday, May 04, 2009

Parker, now in comic form

As a long-time fan of Richard Stark's Parker novels, I'm glad to see this comic. Particularly like the sense of time and place that Darwyn Cooke's creating.

Click here for the preview, if you're interested in reading about a bad-ass heist planner looking for revenge.


Anonymous said...

Howdy. I see you are posting a bit more steadily now. Good-o. I went and read the 279 Days to Overnight Success that you have a link to on your sidebar. Interesting. Tiring, but interesting. Anywho, just checking in.

hix said...

Yep. I've actually got a post about my posting coming up in a couple of days. I've been using auto-scheduler, you see - writing a whole bunch of articles whenever I feel like it, and letting them dripfeed out over the next few days. Much less stressful.

Hey, do the 'Recent Comments' show up on the sidebar for you?

Anonymous said...

No they don't.

I'm still digesting 279 Days, but it seems a bit out of the league of person's such as myself because I simply don't have the time. What were your thoughts?