Monday, February 21, 2005

[Astral] Topic 14425

The Astral thread is here!

And TonyLB, designer of Capes, responded so quickly that I hadn't even had time to get my second post up.

Already I'm going to have to create a second thread. There are 2 lines of inquiry - one about Challenges and the other about how to make the Basic Mechanic more intuitive when describing it. Damn it. When I see the character sheet with paper clips sliding around as scores are adjusted,
the Basic Mechanic seems intuitive to me - but as soon as I describe it, my brain locks up!


The Gamester At Large said...

It's flattering that you link to my commentary on Capes, but wouldn't linking to the game's main webpage make more sense?

hix said...

It's the personal touch, my man ... but at least now we have both links in sort of the same place.