Thursday, February 10, 2005

[RPG] Reward systems

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I finally think I understand how a role-playing game’s reward system works.

A character has an Ability.
The player enters that Ability into a Mechanic.
The Mechanic is used to resolve a situation.

As a result of the situation being resolved, a player gets a Reward.
The player can use that Reward to improve their Ability – which improves their chances of resolving a situation in their favour.

So the three components of a Reward System cycle are: Ability, Mechanic, Reward.

Those are the three components of a Reward System that has a Goal of ‘character improvement’. What other Goals are out there? Jared Sorenson has proposed ‘development’ and ‘investment’. Are there more?
Does a different Goal need a different Cycle?
Are there others ways of running a Character Improvement cycle?

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It points out an opposite cycle to the one I've highlighted. A negative loop versus a positive loop.

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