Wednesday, February 02, 2005

[Film] Future of Film

Is it smart to make films? Me, I want to make money* and I want to create. Best case, I create something I really love that other people desperately want to see.**

Assuming I’ve cut a good deal with a producer – or that I’m the producer – I can then earn a very decent living from my work.

Assuming not so many people want to see what I’ve made, then everyone before me in the food chain gets fed first. Exhibitors, distributors, marketing, then financiers, and then producers. Creatives get paid last. That’s the model.

So there are currently 3 tiers to earning money from film:
1) The film makes too much money to hide (Creator gets wealthy);
2) The film breaks even (Hey you’ll get to work again and earn a damn good yearly salary); and
3) No one sees the film . Whether because of distribution and marketing SNAFUs or your failure to come up with a good idea in the first place, you’ve just spent 3 years of your life working for $2.50 an hour.

2 questions: How do I change this model to make money even in a worst case scenario? What can I do outside the model to make money?

* And by ‘money’ I mean ‘a living’, so that I can create.
** A thought about franchises like 007, The Matrix and Buffy. They seem to be partly about a cool setting and mostly about a cool character.

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