Tuesday, February 08, 2005

[The Limit] How to overcome procrastination:

A couple of days ago my perfectionism nearly stopped me writing 100 words

In this one early scene I kept re-finessing details. So I forced myself to keep moving - and in the process clarified what the two leads have in common. After a little more grunt-work, the pitch has finally started to convince me.

The key: relying on my performance (rather than emotive words) to convey the feeling. That means I have to know what emotion I want from the sequence. And if there’s a choice between describing plot details and a simple emotion, choose the emotion.


Now a few of the scenes are ALMOST there. Out of 29 sequences, 8 get the feeling right [29/8]. The pitch clocks at 10.55, not so bad.

Some more fine-tuning led to inserting the phrase ‘godamn bitch’. It seems to cut through to precisely the feeling I want to create [29/9].

Third reading. Stopped halfway through because I lost track of the emotions. When I don’t feel the pitch, I don’t act it – just read. That makes it go dead. On the plus side, that tough early scene is pretty much nailed – just a few tidy-ups but I’m convinced by it. [29/10]

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