Friday, April 28, 2006

Update on the Limit

I've thought a lot about whether I should post this, but given that I'm trying to keep a full record of my writing process I think I have to go through the last fortnight.

Two Fridays ago - DBS gave me feedback on the script. Much of it was good, some of it was really challenging. I enjoyed the session a lot.

Two Saturdays ago - I finally read through the script myself. My emotions went through two phases:
  • 1) the actual reading, where I thought that the script was terrible. Unrealistic, badly motivated, lame writing. It totally didn't live up to the ideal in my head and I was pretty much devastated by the end;
  • 2) drawing the whammo chart - my graph of how interested I was in the script. This revealed that many of my problems lay in the first act but that the middle of the script still wasn't as strong as I hoped. Two reasons for that were that it was unclear what Peter wanted to achieve in his first intense conversation with Forster, and that Tracy's midpoint is misplaced. So, I was slightly lifted by that. Slightly.

Two Sundays ago - acted in the Wasps. My character was supposed to receive utterly devastating news to his ego. I drew on the memory of just having read the script.

I took a week off, where I couldn't face reading or thinking about the thing. I drew some solace from a book on script-editing where another writer was described as adopting the fetal position for two days, curled up in bed with a hot water bottle. I was not that bad.

Last Saturday - Morgue and Pearce described how Clive Barker reads his books aloud when he finishes writing them. I resolved to do that with this script.

Last Sunday and Monday - I forced myself to read through the script, taking notes. While most of them were pretty specific, what I was really trying to do was get an understanding of the big picture.

Today - just read it aloud, and it really gave me a clear idea of why certain scenes (like Peter deciding to take revenge) weren't working. I'm feeling better about the script.

So the big picture changes are:
Act 1 - tighten up the family stuff
Act 2i - clarify Peter's motivations and restructure the mid-points.
Act 2ii - make sure the action scenes relate to characters. Possibly put Tracy into a much darker place, emotionally.
Act 3 - focus on the three main characters, plus handle the exposition 2000% better.

Now to look at everyone else's feedback and see where they and I agree.
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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Gilmore Girls creators quit

I heard about Amy and Dan not being able to renegotiate their contracts to their satisfaction. This is a full interview about their situation (link goes to TV Guide, spoilers about Season 6).
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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Normal service should resume

Hey gang,

I've been busy at work and settling in to the new flat. This weekend's the first time I've really started to feel back on top of things - hence the post.

So, there should be some upcoming stuff about script writing soon, but in the meantime things are good. Talked to the head of development at the Film Commission, sent in a submission for a sitcome to TVNZ and I'm about to start back up on the Limit. In fact, I already have - the groundwork of finishing up getting feedback is being laid.

So I'll try and ease myself back into the blogging with a couple of posts a week.

In other news

Lord of War - 50% a good film about arms dealing, 50% a slightly obvious character drama.
Me, You and Everyone we know - a way quirky, almost uncomfortable love story that ends just before the first date. Loved it.