Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Limit - Easy, Hard, Easy

Man, this frickin' script. I had a great start to the rewrite (5 pages in one day, which is fantastic for my first day). Then I hit this big father-son scene at page 14 and get bogged down in it for 2 and a half weeks until I figure out what it's really about (clue: it's personal).

Anyway, once I figured out the heart of the scene, it flowed easily & the script has kept going at a nice rate. I still hope to have it all finished for sending out to producers by New Year, but I also hoped to have the fine-tuning draft finished by tomorrow ... and with 60 pages to go, that's a little on the unlikely side.

Now I'm making some decisions about whether the mid-point for the cops' subplot needs to be as BIG as I have thought for the last couple of years. I'm beginning to think it doesn't - the script now has an intensity and flow to it that mean big on-the-nose plot points start to get in the way of the reader finding out what happens next.


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