Hi. My name's Steve. I'm a script-writer, and at the moment I'm becoming more and more interested in the future of the film and television industry.

So, welcome to my blog. Mainly I post about:

+   script-writing
+   TV series design
+   story construction

I also write in-depth synopses of  popular non-fiction books (like Made to Stick, Presentation Zen and The Dip) [TO INSERT LINKS], and an irregular series about long-range thinking (how we can improve our thinking about what the future will be like). Along with that, you'll find capsule reviews of music, books, TV and movies I've been watching each month.

I'm also a game designer, and the Games tab gives you links to my games, my game design wiki and some discussions you might find interesting.

On the left hand side, you'll see 'Links of Interest' which goes to the items I share from my Google Reader feed - I'm pretty selective about what I share, and there's usually a new item there every one or two days. There's my twitter account below that - goodnightkiwi - feel free to follow me.

(Oh yeah, and I'm a big fan of Stephen King, and I'm gradually working my way through reviews of all of his novels.)

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Hope you find my blog useful. Any questions, go ahead and ask them in the comments of this page.

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I just stumbled across this and I must say, I'm interested in whatever you have to present.