Sunday, January 15, 2012

What I'd like to play at Kapcon next weekend

Next weekend I'll be teaching and playtesting games at Kapcon, Wellington's best two days of gaming. Because of that, I won't have a chance to play many of the awesome games that are on offer. So I thought I'd look through the timetable and imagine an alternate timeline where I'm not busy - I'm just playing.

Here are the games I think'll be great:

Session 1
These Beasts Have Maiden Faces: Ivan runs Agon, the game of Greek warriors and demi-gods competing for glory.
The Mountain Witch: Russell (who I don't think I've met) runs a game oRonin,  travelling together to the castle of the Mountain Witch, to claim the bounty in his head.

Session 2
White Rabbit: Karen is one of the most interesting game designers in New Zealand, and the word from the playtest reports of White Rabbit are very good.

Session 3
A Romantic Mystery (Hot Guys Making Out): Frank is running a session of Ben Lehman's HGMO, which by all accounts I've read is a gem of a game.

Session 4:
Freemarket: Russell again, running Luke and Jared's spectacular-sounding game of transhumans creating cool stuff in a post-scarcity reputation-based economy.

Session 5:
Love of Money: Dale has a great rep for running games.
CASE LAMBENT WITCH: IdiotSavant running a Charles Stross inspired Cthulhu game sounds like a blast to me.

Session 6:
I'd probably rest or head into the Games on Demand room where Steve from the prime timeline could run one of the following games for me

  • Left Coast: my game-in-playtest about science fiction authors in 1970s California struggling with madness, money troubles, and an alien invasion slowly encroaching into their lives.
  • Spione: In cold-war Berlin, truth is a weapon ... and the people you trust are the ones most likely to betray you.
  • Microscope: a game where you create an epic history in 3 hours
  • Umlaut: Heavy Metal! The very name drips with power and hairspray. Long of hair and tight of pants, play warriors on the stage of history, wielding your axes and mikes as your metal bands compete for fame and fortune
  • Monsterhearts: a game of supernatural romance, where you play teenage monsters toying with each other
  • My Life with Master: I'll be playtesting my scenario, My Life with the Snakes of Dr Oserlinde (which I'll be publishing later this year)

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Now downloading Louis CK's new special

It feels great to be paying an artist directly for their work. And the way he's set up his site for you to buy it is great. It's got an authentic "I am a human" tone; its privacy policy is pre-set to 'I won't spam you', and it gives you four downloads of the special.

'Hilarious' was really good, and I'm looking forward to checking this new one out.