Wednesday, January 12, 2005

[Astral] The 4 Ratings

RATINGS determine what your character can do in this game.

A Rating is simple a range of numbers from 0 to 10. At either end of the numbers are a pair of words describing opposites. These are called EXTREMES. For example, Attunement measures whether you are more closely tied to your Soul (0) or your Body (10). At a rating of 10 you cannot travel astrally. At a rating of 0 you can’t return to your body.

This number is constantly changing - based on your decisions - as the character takes actions while astral and in their everyday life.

Each description of a Rating has the following sub-headings:

Overview: the basics of what each Rating deals with and the types of abilities they use or stories they generate.
Extremes: the opposite sides of each Rating and what happens if you reach them.
Abilities: divided into 2 columns, one for each Extreme.
Consequences: In Astral, each Extreme can lead to a different type of story. These consequences give you an idea of what types of stories you can tell.

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