Thursday, January 13, 2005

[Astral] Fear

“Because you’ve been such good children, the monsters are looking forward to your make-believe visit.”

" is clear to me that what a spiritual explorer requires most is courage."
William Buhlman

deals with your response to the unknown and to ... fear. It measures whether you face the unknown with courage or common sense. It’s all about how you deal with what you find when you travel.

At a rating of 10, you confront with Courage - but mindlessly, impulsively.
At a rating of 0, you use Common Sense - but either retreat or are permanently paralysed

Common Fears of astral travellers:
*The unknown.
*Being unable to return to the body.
*Of possession.
*Of becoming lost.
*Of experiencing evil.

Copious examples of abilities and consequences for all of these Ratings will be added later.

Courage abilities include: Create a lightning bolt or flashing sword or a hand grenade of explosive light. [This seems to fit, here.]

Sense abilities include: Out run something negative by transferring to a higher energy level. Generate a protective glow, spiritual armour. Moving in a vehicle.

[Although I originally liked having repetition in the abilities, now I'm not sure. Suspect I'll be culling them and making each one weaker than the one before.]

2.3.5 The Fifth Rating

Feel free to develop your own if it seems appropriate to the game you're running. Simply find a pair of opposite qualities and the common thread between them.

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