Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Big Welcome!

Hey there!*

I’ve been writing professionally since 1996 when I made a $44 profit on a play at Bats. Since then I’ve directed a feature film called hopeless, co-created the spin-off TV series lovebites and worked on Shortland Street and Facelift.

So what’s going on here?

At the moment, this blog’s pretty focused: films, scriptwriting, TV, RPGs - basically anything that involves world-creation. There’s an on-going diary about the feature film I’m writing this year, The Limit. It's a thriller about fatherhood and revenge that I'm currently doing the last rewrites on. There's also an (on-hiatus) debrief about creating lovebites.

However, things may expand in the near future, with more diary entries, business related posts and some political commentary.

Check out the side-bar for reasonably up-to-date lists of all my posts on particular subjects and a few selected links. If you want more links, I'd suggest Kung Fu Monkey for all your script-writing needs and the Forge for lots of cool ideas and most of my influences on RPG design.

My approach to posting at multi-dimensional is pretty loose. Quite often I’ll just write up fragments of ideas. After a while – if there get to be enough of them to reach a critical mass – I’ll re-edit them into a longer article and post them over at filmset. So feel free to comment, ask questions and disagree. Hopefully it’ll all help us grow as people!

* Especially to everyone checking me out from Jenni’s blog!


Anonymous said...

Hi! I did come and visit from Jenni's blog. Cool of you to notice ;)

- Giffy

hix said...

Hey there Jen's Be Fri. Are you in the 'Hidden Costs' Buffy game?