Thursday, January 13, 2005

[RPG] Introduction to the Forge

The Forge is an on-line community aiming to improve people's gaming experiences. They analyse actual play, are developing a body of theory about role-playing and encourage indie-publishing. Their philosophy is that game designers should self-publish via the Internet and freely swap ideas for systems and mechanics between each other.

If you're interested seeing what the Forge has to offer try some of these links:*

Moose in the City describes a great gaming experience, the type I aspire to.

Designers, Know Your Hobby! overviews the variety of games published in the last 30 years.
System Does Matter is the basis for much of the theory at the Forge. This essay has 3 sequels that expand on 3 basic approaches to role-playing: Simulation, Competition and Narrative.

*It's wise to spend a couple of days just browsing through past threads, because (in comparison to other Internet discussion groups) the Forge is highly moderated and has some strict posting standards.

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