Sunday, January 30, 2005

[Film] 12 Angry Idiots

Just got back from acting in Danyl and Andrew’s script read-through. I may have more thoughts to post on this over the next couple of days but overall I think they've succeeded in writing an easily filmable low-budget movie that people are going to enjoy, argue about and have to see.

It’s a satire of the legal system. That’s all the plot detail I should go into.

After about 2 hours of conversation between the actors, now it’s all back on Danyl and Andrew. They have to go away, digest our points, figure out what they do and don’t agree with, then figure out what they have time to change and what they don’t. They have to decide if the things they’re changing are the most important points that were raised and finally submit the redrafted script to 2 different organisations (Project Greenlight and

Their deadline’s 2 weeks – which I think is do-able but I probably won’t be seeing much of them till late February.

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