Wednesday, January 12, 2005

[Astral] Attunement

Attunement measures your ability to travel astrally and is based on whether you are more connected to your Body or your Soul. It deals with anything a corporeal body couldn't do: fly, walk through walls, survive in space.

At a rating of 10, you are entirely attuned to your Body and can't travel astrally.
At a rating of 0, you are entirely attuned to your Soul and can't return to your body. You "bypass the astral plane and embrace the formless essence of pure spirit."

Abilities for the Soul include: Creating a lightning bolt, flashing sword or a hand grenade of explosive light. Covering yourself in a protective glow or spiritual armour.

Various forms of travel, such as Bouncing. Outrunning something negative by transferring to a higher energy level. Creating elevators, steers or other portals to travel through dimensions and environments. Moving in a vehicle. Instantaneous (or super-rapid) interstellar travel.

A successful Soul check means you can see clearly in darkness, have 360 degree perception, or grow a dozen eyes. You can also shape shift (into a sphere, an animalor your ideal self) or reincarnate as trees and animals.

The only ability for Body is to be able to return to your body after you've finished travelling astrally.

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