Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Some pottering round today (it's a day off). Mostly catching up on financial chores and buying a new chair for my office - in which I got to start practising my haggling skills. The write-up of our Sorceror game is proceeding slowly. It's just about to reach the point where it goes from not-quite-sequential bulletpoints to readable paragraphs.

Gaming tonight, hopefully with the award winning My Life with Master.

Tomorrow, I'd like to finish both write-ups so I can get on with a 24-hour power session on my novel, coupled with more organised thinking about the pitch for The Limit.

To sign off, here's a game design philosophy from Jared Sorenson (Inspectres, the farm):

1) Come up with an idea
2) Worry about it for awhile (2 days to a month, usually)
3) Put it off (a few days to a few years)
4) Drink lots of chai, get inspired, crank some music and write the damn thing in 2 hours
5) Rattle off a logo and sell it

Step 6 is that I play or run it...usually a half year after it's released. Maybe.

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