Saturday, January 29, 2005

[TV] Freaks & Geeks hits its stride

Best episode yet. The 4th episode shows us Kim Kelly’s trailer-trash home life. It also has the series’ second fully-fledged action sequence – escaping from Kim’s step-dad, who’s acting like a rage-infected 28 Days Later extra. But the comedy mostly comes from the Weirs' suburban normality slowly being invaded by Lindsey’s new Freak friends.

Potentially this creates a change in the basic situation: now her parents realise their daughter’s fallen in with the wrong crowd. However, I don’t put much faith in that. So far Freaks & Geeks hasn’t shown much skill (or more charitably, ‘much interest’) in dealing with continuity in a systematic fashion.

Highlight: I finally ‘got’ Nick’s character – a total stoner who'll always try to hit on and/or comfort Lindsey in the worst possible way at the worst possible moment. This episode he met her parents for the first time and wanted to impress them. Don’t know if he succeeded or not; I was too busy being crippled with laughter.

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