Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Holy Crap!

Ainsley just got nominated for an Oscar (Best Short Film - Live)! This is awesome!


Anonymous said...

blimey! i went thru the noms but didn't even notice that.


how has that short been exhibited in NZ? it must have got some exposure because my mum mentioned it to me a month ago, and she's hardly a film geek.

Anonymous said...

er, that was me again - morgue

hix said...

Lessee, according to the website below it had its world premiere in the Auckland and Wellington Film Festivals in 2003.

Then it won the best film award at the 2003 Otago Film Festival, followed by three prizes – best performance, best technical contribution and best script - at the 2003 New Zealand Film Awards.

2004 Drifting Clouds (Wellington) - Best Editing.
2004 Berlin Film Festival - Best Short Film.
Selected for Sundance.

I'm not sure if it got a mainstream release in NZ - but I'm damn well going to watch a copy before February 27.

hix said...

Oops! That website is:

Anonymous said...

Svend here - it was in the Wellington FIlm Festival, and that's where I (and probably Morgue's mum) originally saw it; but it was also on the DVD that came with the most-recent-but-one LOOP compilation (4? 5?) - which I have a copy of, BTW.

I liked it, for what it's worth. :)