Wednesday, January 26, 2005

[TV] Freaks & Geeks

Started watching this series last night. So far, all I can tell is I like all the characters (especially Seth Rogan's deadpan guy) and the specific lines of dialogue are nearly always smart, funny or character-specific.

Freaks & Geeks' story-telling was okay. It's a low-key kind of show that deglamourises standard TV teen dramas (a genre I have a real fondness for) so I'm enjoying that aspect. But it means that its act breaks were usually just setting up the main characters for further embarrassment.

One line from the directors' commentary I thought was true is that on a TV show, ideally you're going to be working with the actors you've cast for 5 or more years. So you adjust the script towards them. You want to have fun with the actors, explore the little moments in their character relationships and most of all make them feel comfortable so they can bring a bit more realism to their roles.

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