Thursday, January 13, 2005

[Astral] What do you do?

Last night Svend asked "What do you do in this game?" Fair question - and one I'd been considering too.

Firstly, I see Astral as a game that values psychological exploration. So what you do is make choices about what you value most in life. The Setting is sketchy at the moment (and may remain so); I see it as metaphorical and largely created by each individual playgroup.

That aside, I think there are several hooks that you can hang a particular game of Astral around.*

Guiding the Dead.
Prevent tragedies ['Tru Calling'].
Time Travel.
Confront 'Alien' Invaders.
Grow as a person.
Achieve enlightenment.
Solve a complex mystery.
Balance your real-life and astral life ['Bones of the Moon' by Jonathan Carroll].
Fix your social life.
Tell your origin story. Apparently most out-of-body experiences are triggered either by being near killed or suffering from grief.
Comforting the recently dead.
Mentoring the spiritual development of others.
Resolve karmic situations.
The search for God.
Visualising your future spiritual home or afterlife. Trying to make changes to that.
Life changing spiritual adventures are often part of the outer body experience. [Therefore
the real world of the character needs to have equal waiting for this to have significance.]
Journey into the afterlife as a Shaman, called on by the living to provide healing and communicate with the dead.
HOOK: something you must achieve in the astral realm, but something is waiting to attack or take your body when you go astral.
A rapid death may create an individual who does not want to accept their new reality. A ghost.
Afterlife (and trying to get back).
Exploring the astral realms of inanimate man-made objects
Confront your personal fears.
Recovering a repressed memory.
Can play with an emphasis on real-life vs astral life.

Feel free to add your own ideas in the Comments. To me, the hookiest ideas seem to be things that will tempt you towards one extreme of your Ratings. I'm also going to consult with the Forge about 'What do you do'. And I'm toying with the idea of creating a mission structure to each game, similar to InSpectres.

*The bolded entries are ones I think are worthy of further development.

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