Wednesday, January 19, 2005


My day has suddenly changed direction. Just posted an Actual Play report on last night's game (see below) to the Forge, so I don't feel like finishing the Sorcerer and InSpectres write-ups.

So the question now is: What to do?

* Focus on making lots of progress on the Astral role-playing game.
* Blog lots of articles (current scriptwriting philosophy, another lovebites entry, review of Kill Bill 1 & 2, a list of my Influential Movies, a list of the other RPGs I want to write).
* Work on the horror novel.
* Prepare to pitch The Limit.

Follow-up question: What will make me the most money?

(in descending order)
The Limit.
The novel.

Last question: What do I feel most passionate about?

At the moment, it's Astral. So I'll spend the day working up ideas for that. And hopefully see A Very Long Engagement tonight.

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