Monday, January 17, 2005

[Astral] Abilities

In this game, your astral abilities are determined by the Rating you're trying to employ. But anything can be attempted as long as you can fit it into one of the 4 Ratings (or a 5th Rating of your own devising). Example abilities include:


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Seeing clearly in darkness.
Spiritual healing. Healing physical injuries of others (and yourself) while astral.
Communicating with animals.
Predictions of accidents.
A fully conscious meeting with a loved one who has passed on.
Surviving a fall.
Revisit past experiences.
Lucid dreaming.
Shape shifting.
Improved vision. Seen through closed eyelids.
Floating. Being weightless.
Reliving your birth. This can be like a moment of clarity.
Sharing dreams with family members or friends.
Meeting animals.
Reincarnation as trees and animals.
Instantaneous (or super-rapid) interstellar travel.
Locating sources of knowledge, represented by books, libraries or wise entities.
360 degree perception, having a dozen times.
Exploring your past lives.
Shape shifting. Into a sphere, into an animal, into your ideal self.
Moving in a vehicle.
Vivid imagery.
Direct knowledge.
Creating elevators, steers or other portals to travel through dimensions and environments.
Perceiving people's true forms.
Protective glow, spiritual armour.
Out run something negative by transferring to a higher energy level.
Create a lightning bolt or flashing sword or a hand grenade of explosive light.

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