Friday, January 07, 2005

[The Limit] Scriptwriter’s Diary

The Limit is a vigilante thriller about a father who wants revenge for his murdered son. But when he tries to force a confession out the prime suspect things go horribly wrong.

I've been working on this since a discussion with Sean in 1998, working on it seriously (with Andrew) since 2001-02. Here’s how the writing's progressing:

Early December, 2004 - about to add new material to the story ...
Updates , Finished prepping

Mid December, 2004 - Working on Outline E
A day off , Tough scene , The Mountain

Late December, 2004 - Taking a break to figure out the story
First-day-back phenomenon , Overviewing , On to Act 3

New Years, 2004/05 - Finished Outline E, now: some decisions.
What next? , Easy decision

Early January, 2005 - Polishing the outline so others can read it.
Happy again! , Relentless , De-grim-ification , Script like poetry

Mid January, 2005 - Letting the script lie down for a while.
A Short Holiday , Send Off , Pottering , Swerve , Emerging

Late January, 2005 - The Pitch!
Impatient , Pre-Hangover , Pitching is Acting , Simplifying , On Time , Not obsessed by time , What's going on

Early February, 2005
Ainsley feeds back , Overcoming Procrastination ,

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