Thursday, January 13, 2005

[Astral] Taking Action - an Overview

Decided to make a start on describing the rules system for Astral. I realise what follows is unclearly written. I'll tidy it up soon and provide clear examples.


There is only one [rules mechanic] in Astral and the process for using it is always the same. There are 4 phases: Intent, Initiative, Execution and Effect

*Announce action. A roll is initiated whenever a player wants to perform an action that either requires the use of an astral ability or has an effect on one of the 4 ratings.
*Shift scores on any Ratings that are affected.
*Decide which Rating is the most applicable.
*Decide on two possible outcomes for the action - one that the player wants and another that she doesn't.

*In the rare event that two or more players are in conflict, Ratings are trumped anticlockwise to the order they appear on the character sheet. Attunement trumps everything while Response is trumped by everything.
*If two players are using the same abilities, the character whose Rating deviates most extremely from the centre will act first.
*In the event of a tie, simply roll a d10. Highest roll goes first.

*To determine which outcome you achieve, roll a d10.
*If the number you roll falls between the current score score of your Rating and the [extreme] you were trying to draw on, the player succeeds and gets their desired outcome.
*[Describes the opposites.] Failure equals getting their undesired outcome.
*If the number you roll is equal to the current score of your Rating, the player succeeds.

*Role-play the outcome.
*If the outcome was undesired, make a role on the Response Rating (which deals with your reaction to the unknown and fear) and adjust the score [appropriately].

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