Wednesday, January 19, 2005

[RPG] My Life with Goldfinger

My Life with Master is an award-winning RPG where you play the pathetic minions to an evil scientist (think Igor to Victor Frankenstein).

Inspired by Evil Genius, Gino wanted to run for a game where we were all of the henchmen of a super-villain. Real James Bond stuff.

The Master and minion generation session last night was quick and easy. I lead the mechanical side of things and Gino threw in his ideas when things got slow. All we knew at the start was Gino wanted 'modern day' and 'minions with the code names of classic arcade games'.

Everyone plumped for a 'Brain' aspected Master (genteel, persuasive). After some debate, we got re-inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas. So we're hunting down people with nightmares for our Master to build a nightmare generator.

Our Master wants Revenge against
the medical community who rejected his ideas. He's going to prove himself right, even at the expense of the rest of the world. At this point, Gino revealed he saw the Master as a young medical prodigy - evil Doogie Howser.

The game (which is usually set in 1805 in an unspecified European country) requires the Master to establish fear and dominance over a Town. For us, the Town equates to the international spy community and anyone who'd appear in that genre. So we have connections like: an assassin, an astronomer and the President of the US.


Anonymous said...

man, this sounds nice. Gino is in your group too? How awesome. Which players go with which characters in the writeup?

Anonymous said...

er, that was me. - morgue

hix said...

Jenni is playing Bubble Bobble.
Svend is Apocalypse.
Gino be the GM.
I'm playing Gauntlet.
Celeste is Tetris.
And Wayne is Donkey Kong.

This was our Tuesday Night New Games Group. but now we want to revisit some systems, like Buffy (and Nobilis) I think I'll have to refer to it as something different in my head.

hix said...
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